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Save Time. Cut Costs. All In One Place.

Simple™ is the world's #1 restaurant website for quoting, ordering, and finding new vendors.

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Simple™ is the fast and easy way to save you both time and money with your ordering...FOR FREE
Here's how it works...
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    Inventory Management and Menu Costing
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  • New Line Tavern New Line Tavern
  • Parker Restaurant Group Parker Restaurant Group
  • Rosebud Rosebud
Save Time
Place your week's orders in seconds, not hours.
Standardize your Ordering process.
Create multiple Order guides to enable 1-click ordering, saving 20+ hours each month.
Allow Existing and New Vendors to provide ALL your quotes in ONE place, saving you hours in analysis time each week.
Order 24/7 even when your Sales Rep is off the clock or your Vendor is closed.
Orders will be sent by
In one click
Cut Costs
Let vendors compete for your business with quoting.
Simplified Price-Checking process in your private portal, for everything you order.
Set your Price Guides for perishables (Seafood, Meat, Produce & Dairy) and allow Existing and New Vendors to Quote on your products.
Let Simple do the analysis to ensure you are getting the Right Product at the Right Price.
Check your “Cost Plus Pricing” deal by allowing other Vendors to quote and compare in Real-Time for Peace of Mind.
Inventory and Recipe Management
No more multiple spreadsheets, Post-it® notes, or cocktail napkins. Take inventory in minutes. Streamline your processes.
Build your menu recipe costing in seconds. Simple automatically re-costs recipes based on price changes.
Better Information means Better Purchase Decisions.
View and interpret your order history in a whole new way. SIMPLE Analytics™ dashboard lets you see how expenses break down by Vendor, Category and SKU in Real-Time.
Generate all operating reports. Calculate cost of goods by week, month or quarter to track margins - your bookkeeper's dream!
No more digging through paper piles! Review any order, invoice or sales. View historic orders, invoice purchases, audits by category or item.
Discover new products and vendors in the Simple Marketplace™.
Browse thousands of products and discover new vendors in the Marketplace.
Plus, get access to weekly deals, huge discounts, new product samples, rebates and more. Discover new stuff, and save money doing it.
Get started in minutes.
Send us your price guides invoices. We’ll do the rest, creating a master product list in your own private portal that you can access anytime, anywhere.
In a matter of minutes, you’ll start saving time, cutting costs, and getting more control of your business.
Simple is completely free for restaurants.
Get Started
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Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Simple™ is a digital marketplace that brings all the parties in the food service industry together. It connects restaurants, distributors and suppliers on one platform, helping people streamline ordering, find products more easily, and do business more efficiently.

Simple™ is completely free to restaurants.

Simple™ doesn't change your relationship with your current sales reps at all. It's a tool that lets you better connect with them and organize your orders. When you order through Simple™, your rep receives your order just like they would before. Only now, you can also view their other products, request samples, and check out deals 24/7.

Anyone can use Simple™ - so if you don't see them on there, invite them. It only takes a few minutes for new vendors to get set up, and saves both parties hours every week.

Simple™ organizes and streamlines ordering from all your vendors in one place. You can upload your inventory list and build all your order guides on Simple™, and then place all your orders with a single click. Plus it's open 24/7/365.

Set up only takes a few minutes. Just connect with your Sales Reps and send your price guides or invoices - then you're ready to start ordering

Your orders still go through your sales rep, so nothing changes with your minimums. When your vendors join Simple™, they define their minimum order size and case breakage fees.

We are always here for you. We offer live chat, phone and email support. We also have on-demand training demos and short online sessions with our Food Service Experts.