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Let's take our Industry where it needs to go.

Fresh Off the Press


We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Chef’s Roll, opening up a world of opportunity for a global culinary community of chefs and other industry professionals.

We’re sharing the word about how Simple123 can streamline your ordering, purchasing, and receiving processes – saving you time and lowering your food cost by 2-3% annually.


Check out Feature on Chef’s Roll's website how Chefs like Gary LaMorte rely on Simple123 helps Save Time & Money


This isn't about reinventing foodservice. It's about changing our relationship to it.

We're foodservice veterans determined to move our industry from its traditional way of doing things. We're taking it digital. We’re making it easier for businesses to connect, communicate and transact.

Our marketplace brings restaurants, manufacturers, and distributors together to realize their business aspirations like never before. Speed is a matter of minutes, not days. Efficiency is measured in increased revenues and lower costs. Transparency is the rule, not the exception, for every interaction.

Our community will grow through participation, and connecting businesses who have never had the opportunity to connect before. We all benefit, individually and together. The power of shared knowledge is in our hands.

This is Simple. Opportunity served.

Opportunity Served.