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The #1 FREE Restaurant Marketplace

Transforming Purchasing, Centralized Ordering and Improving Your Bottom Line.

How it Works
Sign Up
Sign up, take pictures of your invoices and send them to Simple™.
Centralized Ordering Will Save You Time
Time is money. Now you can buy what you want from who you want in one click, which saves you time and organizes all your orders in one place.
New Vendors Products and Pricing Delivered to Your Inbox
By sharing your information in Simple's secure portal, ALL vendors have the opportunity to see what you're buying, and they can offer you competitive products and pricing. No more unnecessary sales meetings.
Simple™ Does the Math for You...
Save 20-40 hours per month with better information, more vendors and more products to choose from which helps you make better buying decisions for your business.
Simple’s All-in-One System Puts Everything at Your Fingertips
    Scan Invoices and Send to Simple™ for Coding and Processing
    Take Inventory, Build Menus and Price Recipes Quickly

Frequently Asked Questions

Simple™ is a digital marketplace that brings all the parties in the food service industry together. It connects restaurants, distributors and suppliers on one platform, helping people streamline ordering, find products more easily, and do business more efficiently.

Simple™ is completely free to restaurants.

Yes. No other restaurants can see your products or your pricing you receive from Vendors. Only you can see this information.

We anonymize your Restaurant name and your pricing. Vendors can see your product list so they know what you buy so they can offer their suggestions but they cannot see how much you are paying.

Simple™ doesn't change your relationship with your current sales reps at all. It's a tool that lets you better connect with them and organize your orders. When you order through Simple™, your rep receives your order just like they would before. Only now, you can also view their other products, request samples, and check out deals 24/7.

Simple™ organizes and streamlines ordering from all your vendors in one place. You can upload your inventory list and build all your order guides on Simple™, and then place all your orders with a single click. Plus it's open 24/7/365.

Set up only takes a few minutes. Just connect with your Sales Reps and send your price guides or invoices - then you're ready to start ordering

Your orders still go through your sales rep, so nothing changes with your minimums. When your vendors join Simple™, they define their minimum order size and case breakage fees.

We are always here for you. We offer live chat, phone and email support. We also have on-demand training demos and short online sessions with our Food Service Experts.

Yes. Without price comparisons, it's often hard to tell if “cost plus” is really the best price you can get. Your Broadliner may not have the best “cost” as a basis. More info is always better.