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Expand your sales reach with one powerful tool.

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Simple™ is the easiest and fastest way to save time and grow sales. It’s more than an ordering platform - it’s a whole new digital marketplace that is changing the way distributors and their customers do business. Create your own unique Branded Digital Storefront in the Simple Marketplace.
Here's how it works...
Sell more to your existing accounts.
Simple™ let's you sort customers by category and spend, and send them quotes on products they’re buying elsewhere.
You can see your customer’s whole order, not just what they buy from you, providing unprecedented insight into your customer’s business. That means more opportunity for greater penetration.
Connect instantly with restaurants looking for new suppliers.
Minimize time spent on the phone or knocking on doors with cost-effective digital prospecting that can massively expand your sales reach.
Easily find hot sales leads and send them quotes in a matter of minutes. And Simple™ lets restaurants interested in your product connect instantly with you, too.
Promote products and special offers directly to operators.
Open a digital storefront in the Simple Marketplace™, where you can promote your products and directly offer discounts, rebates, specials, and samples to a huge community of restaurants 24/7.
This suite of automated tools ensures you'll never miss a sales opportunity.
Be more strategic with your sales calls.
Simple™ provides a powerful 360° view of your current and potential market, customers, and product use.
Using real-time analytics, you’ll be able to more cost-effectively and efficiently focus your sales efforts and expand your reach.
Simplified ordering your customers will love.
Customers can shop your whole catalog on Simple™ and place their entire order with you in a few clicks.
Standardized digital ordering means faster ordering, better order accuracy, fewer returns, and happier customers.
Better communication means better customer service.
Assist your customers every step of the way.
View complete ordering history from anywhere, see orders, and post updates in real-time.
Streamline communication by connecting with customers directly on the platform.
You can get up and running in just a few minutes. It’s called Simple™ for a reason.
Sign up now and start selling more products, gaining new customers, and growing your accounts.
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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Distributors still manage their fulfillment. Orders made on Simple™ are sent as purchase orders to distributors. It's just like your current process, but easier and digitally streamlined.

It takes about 60-90 minutes for distributors to get set up. Once you do, you'll start saving hours immediately. Our customer service team can help you get set up anytime that works for you (even during a lunch break!)

We are always here for you. We offer Live Chat, phone and email support. We also have on-demand training demos and short online sessions with our Food Service Experts.

Simple™ is designed to amplify, not replace, your current sales process. It allows direct communication between sales reps and operators, while tracking engagement. In addition to increasing sales to existing customers, sellers can find new customers, efficiently selling more products without driving all over the place! Simple™ offers a robust channel to reach the restaurant community, providing an effective way to grow sales. Even more, Simple™ offers customizable product demo and tasting sheets that can be shared with operators via email, text or in person. Reps can even record notes on their accounts directly in Simple™!

The Simple Marketplace allows you to market your products to your current customers, and to all other restaurants that are on Simple™. It's a great way to easily grow your current business, and expand your sales reach.

No!. Pricing loaded by you on Simple™ is not public and can be set by you uniquely, by customer and SKU. Restaurants can only see their own unique custom pricing in their private portal. We understand that not all pricing is the same due to contracts and volume discounts, so that information is kept private between you and your customers. Also, competitive sales reps and distributors cannot view your reps or distributors' pricing. Only the Operator can see this in their password protected private portal.

Yes. When vendors create an account, they define their order minimums, and all other relevant specs including case breakage fees, delivery days and order deadlines.

Yes. We are fully integrated machine to machine with GS1